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      Advanced technology and reliable performance of intelligent coal mining face full range of solutions, to serve China, the international coal industry's high-end users. Automatic coal mining technology based on artificial intelligence and adaptive prediction algorithm. The number of workers in coal mining face has decreased by 50%,The mining efficiency per capita is doubled.
      Distributed control system for fully mechanized coal mining face

      Including shearer, hydraulic support, pumping station, Scraper conveyor, loader, crusher, working face communication, conveyor belt conveyor bottom control; Centralized control and monitoring of coal mine gateway control room; Data upload and remote control. It realizes centralized control, centralized display, information fusion and big data analysis of fully mechanized coal mining face.

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      Power supply and distribution

      It provides a safe, efficient and reliable integrated power supply system for underground lighting, signal and power equipment in coal mine, which can meet the requirements of high-power equipment, and realize protection, so as to ensure the safety, stability, high-yield and high-efficiency of production.

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      Stand alone products

      Over the past 20 years, we have been focusing on the development of industrial and mining automation systems and equipment. It has completed the development of 12 sets of systems and more than 100 kinds of equipment in fully mechanized coal mining face, coal mine gateway control room, transfer point control room, etc. This section shows the single equipment of the system, welcome to choose!

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      Software and other products

      With the development of DCS and 12 sets of systems, the corresponding software of each system can be provided to users as products. Our non coal products high-frequency power cabinet adopts frequency conversion technology, which is widely used in water supply treatment and wastewater treatment in petroleum, electronics, medicine, chemical industry, thermal power generation, food, printing and dyeing, coating and electroplating industries.

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